Dominicalito, Costa Rica

One of the most spectacular red sunsets I have ever witnessed, on one of the most picturesque beaches I have ever visited. Definitely one to remember!

Bintree, Norfolk, UK

A beautiful sunset flight over the Wensum River near Bintree Watermill in Norfolk, UK,

How Hill, Norfolk, UK

Take off for a flight over the River Ant on a tranquil evening at How Hill. Check out the landscape, fly by wind-pumps and watch the sunset.

North Norfolk, UK

While out getting footage of the sunset, I spotted a couple of planes out for there own little fly-by…

Sidestrand, Norfolk, UK

Inspecting the aftermath the day after a landslide caused a section of cliff gave way and collapse into the sea.

Norfolk, UK

Take a low flight over an almost endless field of poppies….seeing red as far as the eye can see!